What Do We Do?

The Technology Management Network (TMN) provides a forum for oil & gas companies to discuss technology management processes and identify critical success factors and best in class practices to improve the profitable use of technology within the industry. There are currently 9 oil company members, and the network operates in compliance with anti-trust laws.

OTM plays an important role in identifying speakers and planning events in advance as well as defining the subject and chairing and facilitating meetings to ensure that all attendees are involved and the event’s objectives are met. The mixture of structured and free-thinking sessions promotes creative thinking as well as capturing practical success factors and lessons learnt. OTM’s involvement also ensures that timekeeping is maintained, that the meetings remain focused (leading to specific conclusions) and that each attendee goes away satisfied that they have gained something from the day. In addition, OTM produces ‘minutes’ which collate and summarise the discussions and conclusions arising from the day; provides occasional ‘Toolkits’ as aids to implement processes identified as representing best practice and produces ‘Information packs’ on particular methodologies or initiatives of interest: eg Technology Roadmapping, The Stage Gate decision making process etc.

The Technology Management Network has been running since October 1998 and has held a number of meetings on the subjects of:

  • Identification of technology needs
  • Selection of technologies to meet identified needs
  • Technology strategy
  • The application of technology
  • The value of technology
  • The acquisition of technology
  • Technology knowledge management
  • Improving the take-up of new technology

All have been well received and included in depth discussion on the subject areas. Guest speakers have been invited to these meetings to give a different industry perspective and their input has been extremely valuable. Speakers include:

  • BNFL
  • Glaxo
  • Cambridge University
  • IEP (UK DTI)
  • Kvaerner Oil & Gas
  • Anglian Water
  • Borealis Group
  • Granherne (Halliburton Group)
  • Coflexip Stena Offshore