Network Objectives

The objectives of The Technology Management Network are to learn about existing and potential solutions to technology management issues within and outside the oil and gas industry.

The network operates in compliance with anti-trust laws.

In an environment where there is an increasingly urgent need to find methods for cost reduction, enhanced oil recovery and access to hitherto inaccessible oil and gas accumulations, excellent technology management can make a significant difference to a company’s profitability. A typical technology management process includes such components as identifying and prioritising technology needs, identifying and evaluating technology solutions, transferring or developing selected technologies, managing subsequent portfolios of technology assets and capturing lessons learnt.

Each meeting of the Network is themed and targeted towards a technology management process component or related subject and comprises a mixture of informal presentations and discussions on the meeting theme. The Network provides practical solutions which can be applied immediately and cost effectively by the members.

Presentation material is only circulated when specifically agreed to by presenters. The meetings are one-day events to restrict the time commitment required of members and take place quarterly to ensure continuity of discussions and to ensure the subject remains fresh in members’ minds. At each event there is a mixture of detailed presentations by members, relevant keynote addresses from ‘gurus’ or other industries and discussions in smaller focus groups followed by feedback and analysis.