Network Benefits

Benefits accruing to members of The Technology Management Network include the following:

  • Identification of optimum technology management process components to suit company culture and corporate objectives, including agreed critical success factors
  • Practical solutions which can be applied in a timely and cost effective manner
  • Development of network of contacts with whom to discuss mutual interests in technology management
  • Increased knowledge of technology management methods applied in other industries and contained in academic theories
  • Opportunity to question experts in technology management
  • Greater focus within R&D programmes leading (in time) to increased company profitability and achievement of corporate R&D related objectives

Membership of the Network is controlled and it is important that the meetings are of a size to facilitate free flowing discussion between all attendees. Representatives should have sufficient seniority to discuss their company’s processes with confidence and answer questions.

Whilst it is most important that each member contributes to the same extent over a year, every member will not give a presentation at every event. It is most important that the presentations given provide an in-depth insight into that company’s processes, objectives and experiences and therefore sufficient time will be allowed for the presentations, question and answer sessions and consideration of the issues raised. Members are expected however, to come with some knowledge of the processes in their company relating to the subject matter and to share those with the other attendees on an informal basis.